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Published on January 21st, 2013 | by deb polson


Other Props of ZomPoc 2012

We had chosen to go with a 1980s SciFi aesthetic when designing print props and web interfaces for the Event. I interpreted that as an opportunity to pay homage toBladeRunner.

Above: Character IDs.

These were worn to indicate certain major characters. However, these charaters had very distinctive costumes as well.

Printed Props

These were used to communicate narrative clues or instructions for the use of Briefcase contents or Battle Rules etc.

Robotic arm – (made by Cameron Boyd) which was attached to a Medics Briefcase with a Hand Cuff. It twitched and throbbed, clearly the property of an armless Zombie (previously a Medic).

Morgue Body Bag – (Cameron Boyd and Vivienne Koh) This is an authentic morgue body bag… again with a twitching body inside. This made up part of the Reserach Lab scene… merely for ‘dramatic effect’!

Medical Props – (by Vivienne Koh) used for one of the Brain Challenges.

Modified Nerf Guns – (by Luke Atherton) had remote controlled on and off switches which The Host could control from a web interface.

Decontamination Chamber – (by Mick Byrne) Was a wooden framed chamber that the Survivors entered whenever they were suspected of being infected. This had its own lighting and sound effects when activated… and a low lying fog machine to represent the ‘gasing’ decontamination process.

About the Author

The lead designer of the 2011 and 2012 Zombie Apocalypse hosted at the Edge, Brisbane.

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