Do Battle Fight or Flight

Published on January 21st, 2013 | by deb polson


Battling the Horde

Each room had is own characteristics that were exploited for ‘dramatic effect’.

Most battles were held in the large basement of the Edge Building in South Bank. We tried to have all lights turned off, but this is against saftey policies in government buildings… so any lights that remained on were covered with red gels. We also had low lying fog machines operating in the open spaces which also adding to the creepiness. The long thin corridor with exposed piping and wiring was just perfect for trapping survivors with the Infected.

These scenes were explicitly designed to be reminiscent of computer game environments; dark corridors with doorways all along filled with Zombies. If the Survivors dared to open a door they would need to be ready to defend themselves against the Horde that would rush at them. If they didn’t open the doors, the Host would release the Horde into the corridor trapping the Survivors. Either way, the confrontation was inevitable.

Many of theses scenes required strategy from the Survivors, but rarely did they take the time to prepare.

The battle scenes always end in reward for the players as they will recover some important Intel, find new equipment, stock up in weapons. To motivate the Survivors the Liaison, in cahoots with Security characters and the lead Zombie, would design sequences akin to ‘capture-the-flag’ scenarios played by nerf groups in various real world locations and also experienced in many computer games.

About the Author

The lead designer of the 2011 and 2012 Zombie Apocalypse hosted at the Edge, Brisbane.

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