Zombies Invade camp


A zombie apocalypse experience is defined by desperate survivors, opposing forces, and of course, hordes and hordes of zombies. If you want to try to save a place in the Edge’s stronghold to keep yourself alive, or if you want to succumb to infection and join the hordes, watch this space.

Setting the Scene

In the traditions of Dungeon Mastery, this is more than a game; it is an interactive cinematic experience of live action role play and experimental effects; engaging multiple local community groups of designers, artists, developers, fans, actors, families, and various interest groups.

Game-based Models Employed: Room clearing and Capture-the-Flag scenarios. Rules and role-playing devices.

Film and TV Devices and Tropes: Cinematic aesthetics applied to the scenes mostly to create the illusion of a fantastic environment and situation. It is critical to provide this for the players as it helps them sustain their roles in unison, hence maintain the ritual of make-believe. Many tropes are borrowed from genre films as guides to understanding the game sequences and characters.

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